Merubah Masalah Menjadi Jawaban, Manfaat & Keuntungan

DACA THE Solution Process (Proses DACA THE Solution) :

5 D: Diagnose-Develop-Design-Delivery-Do Evaluation, Follow Up & Improve

Our Core Competencies (Kompetensi Inti Kami):

1. Business/Company/Organization Diagnose & Intervention Effectiveness

2. Human Performance Analysis & Improvement

3. Competency and Talent based Human Excellence Asset Development

4. Training, Coaching, Mentoring & Consulting for Personal & Organization

5. Digital Learning Implementation Program for Organization, Corporation, Company, University, Institute,, Academy, School, Etc.

6. Head Hunter & Talent Acquisition

7. Digital Content Creator & eBook Publishing Facilitator

Our People & Talent Development Program (Program Pengembangan Talenta Dan Sumber Daya Manusia Kami):

1. Soft Skills Learning Program

2. Professional Development Program

3. Personal Coaching Development Program

4. Certification Program, both National and International

5. And other program as is customer request/needs

Our Organization Effectiveness Coaching/Consulting Program (Program Konsultasi/Coaching Efektivitas Organisasi Kami) :

1. Total Performance Scorecard,

2. Organization Culture Assessment-Development,

3. Competency & Talent Management in Simple Way

4. And other program as is customer request/needs